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Bo Butner and Team JHG see hard work pay off with a spot to race on Sunday in Norwalk

Bo Butner and Team JHG see hard work pay off with a spot to race on Sunday in Norwalk

NORWALK, Ohio (June 25, 2022) – Bo Butner is an ideal balance of tenacious and optimistic, and this weekend in qualifying for the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals at Summit Motorsports Park, the 11-time Pro Stock winner and 2017 world champion called on both of those qualities – as well as his committed Johnson’s Horsepowered Garage team – to overcome obstacles and secure a spot to race on Sunday.

Butner entered the event with a slightly revised game plan, mostly from the driver’s perspective, in an effort to see if he could coax his JHG Chevrolet Camaro into kinship. The car, brand new at the start of the season, has not yet found its happy spot.

“We made a change in some of my driving style, and we definitely saw that yesterday,” said Butner, who struggled to make it down the track on Friday and was not yet qualified coming into the second day of Pro competition.

“We adjusted the car to that, and it was better today. I think it’s probably a smarter way to race it, so that’s what we’re going to do from here. We have nothing to lose; we have to keep going.”

On Saturday, Butner finally made a full pass and broke into the field with a 6.707, 207.50. He improved upon the time in the final qualifier, clocking a 6.662, 207.82 that moved him into the No. 15 position and set up a first-round meeting with Kyle Koretsky rather than teammate and No. 1 qualifier Erica Enders, whom he would have raced in round one had he stayed in the No. 16 spot.

“Yesterday was an F-, if we’re grading it,” said Butner. “But today was probably a C+. I think they’re creeping up on it. They changed everything last night – everybody was on board – and it seemed better today. We’re just lucky we got out of racing Erica. That’s good for the Elite team and for all of us.

“I feel better, and I’m very excited to race Kyle tomorrow. If I just do my job and the car comes around like I think it will, we’ll have a very good race. I think we’ll have a good shot, and we’re going to go up there and try to win.”

Final eliminations for the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals are scheduled to take place on Sunday, June 26, 2022 beginning at 11 a.m. ET.


Qualifying results:

Q1: 7.265-second, 208.30 mph (No. 12)

Q2: 10.704, 84.22 (No. 17)

Q3: 6.707, 207.50 (No. 16)

Q4: 6.662, 207.82 (No. 15)


First round match-up:

Bo Butner vs. Kyle Koretsky