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Satisfying runs with brand new JHG Camaro have Bo Butner prepared for a positive raceday in Topeka

Satisfying runs with brand new JHG Camaro have Bo Butner prepared for a positive raceday in Topeka

TOPEKA (Aug. 13, 2022) — Bo Butner and the #JHGDriven team didn't know what to expect coming into this weekend's Menards NHRA Nationals at Heartland Motorsports Park. Their brand new, bright red Rick Jones-built Chevrolet Camaro bore the bold Johnson's Horsepowered Garage branding on the door and the hood, but the heart of the matter was yet to be determined. Pleasingly, their racecar proved to be a trusty steed through three qualifying rounds, and starting from the No. 8 position, Butner and his relentless team are eager to get the party started on raceday in Topeka.

Fun fact: the red JHG Chevy was truly brand new when the team rolled it out of the trailer to prepare for the first qualifying session. The car had never before been down the track, not even for the tiniest test, and so the future was quite uncertain.

The determined group was exceedingly pleased to see their driver and new baby throw down a 6.672-second pass at 206.32 mph that was clean and straight. They lodged into the No. 8 position and awaited Saturday's two qualifying sessions, when they could truly gauge how they would stack up against the competition.

To their great delight, Team JHG claimed another clean pass and recorded a 6.703, 206.04 that was fourth-best of the session.

"The last run, we tried some new stuff, and we're still learning," said Butner, who reached the finish-line stripe in 6.715-second and recorded a speed of 205.01. "But the car seems to be doing what it needs to be doing, and I'm happy. The more runs we get, the better, and hopefully, we can squeeze four more tomorrow. That would be nice. I've got great confidence in this new JHG Pro Stocker, and that feels good."

Final eliminations at the Menards NHRA Nationals will take place at Heartland Motorsports Park in Topeka on Sunday, August 14, beginning at 10:30am CT.

Qualifying results:

Q1: 6.672-second, 206.32 mph (No. 8)

Q2: 6.6.703, 206.04 (No. 8)

Q3: 6.715, 205.01 (No. 8)


R1: Bo Butner vs. Matt Hartford